Daylight Music Diary: #307 1st June 2019

Daylight Music returned on Saturday to begin the second season of its (perfect) ten year celebrations with a typically classy, eclectic, line-up put together by master curator Ben Eshmade. Initial concerns that Union Chapel had been transformed into a plastic teenage gothic bedroom monstrosity were soon assuaged (an ‘immersive’ evening screening of the Luhrmann ‘Romeo & Juliet’ being the culprit) and Daylight’s ‘subtle dislocation of the norm’ was underway.

First act was ORE a self-described ‘doom brass’ duo of Sam Underwood (tuba) and Beck Baker (baritone horn, trombone) who construct an intriguing dronescape enhanced by the use of two custom-built resonant gong speakers. The hypnotic single 35 minute piece evolved slowly, at a pace more like the ambient work of say Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) than a typical brass ensemble, easing the audience into the day. The cover photo of the piece (above) features Baker shot through Underwood’s tuba with a 40 year old lens.

Next were the versatile jazz trumpet duo of Laura Jurd (Dinosaur, Union Division) & Chris Batchelor (Loose Tubes, Pigfoot) who whet appetites for their forthcoming album “Landing Ground” (due October 2019) with an invigorating set of rapid interplay. At one point Jurd appeared to be using a boarding pass in the name of Dinosaur drummer Corrie Dick as a make-shift mute – we can only hope that the esteemed percussionist had in fact already returned safely to London and not been abandoned to the mercies of a budget airline as a coded announcement of a forthcoming line-up change.

Last but not least were the Slowest Lift a duo of Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley who play what they describe as “gentle post-industrial psychedelia”. On the evidence of their set here their music should sit well with admirers of the more experimental side of Daylight favourites the Left Outsides, particularly Alison Cotton’s fab “All Is Quiet at the Ancient Theatre” cassette from last year.

So welcome back Daylight Music – still the best, most civilised, way to spend a Saturday lunchtime in London. If you have yet to try it the summer season runs to 13.07.19, details here:

Full Flickr album for event:

Laura Jurd website:
Chris Batchelor website:
Slowest Lift Bandcamp:
ORE website:

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